Graph Maker
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CWMG_AnimA static utility class for performing animations
 CWMG_AxisThe axis used in WMG_Axis_Chart for X / Y axes, as well as secondary Y axis in Dual Y axis charts
 CWMG_Axis_GraphUsed for all charts that use axes to position data
 CWMG_Bezier_Band_GraphClass used for creating a bezier band graph, which is a collection of textures procedurally generated from bezier curves
 CWMG_Change_ObjClass used for property change tracking management to for example only refresh parts of a graph based on properties that affect only that part of the graph
 CWMG_Compute_ShaderClass used to represent a texture that is procedurally generated using a Compute Shader
 CWMG_ComputeLineGraph_DataHelper class used to hold data for area shading when WMG_Series::areaShadingUsesComputeShader = true
 CWMG_Data_SourceThis defines a data source which can be used with WMG_Series, WMG_Pie_Graph, or WMG_Ring_Graph
 CWMG_EnumFlagAttributeHelper class for drawing Enums in custom Unity Editor inspector windows
 CWMG_EnumsStatic enum definitions used by various classes
 CWMG_EventsDefines click and hover events for graphs that inherit WMG_Graph_Manager
 CWMG_Graph_ManagerThe base graph class from which most graphs are derived
 CWMG_Graph_TooltipThe tooltip for axis graphs when WMG_Axis_Graph::tooltipEnabled = true
 CWMG_GridThe grid class used for creating quadrilateral or hexagonal grids
 CWMG_Hierarchical_TreeA class used for creating hierarchical tree type graphs
 CWMG_Image_Custom_MatClass used in place of Image component for series area shading rectangles to ensure that it works with Unity UI Masking such as within a ScrollView
 CWMG_LegendThe legend used for pie graphs and axis graphs
 CWMG_LinkThe link class primarily used for the lines in line series in axis graphs
 CWMG_NodeThe node class primarily used to create the points / bars of axis graphs
 CWMG_Pie_GraphClass used for creating pie graphs
 CWMG_Radar_GraphClass used for creating radar graphs
 CWMG_Random_GraphA class used to create random graphs
 CWMG_RaycasterClass used in place of GraphicsRaycaster for generating UI mouse events that work with non-squares (using alpha pixel values of textures)
 CWMG_RaycatcherClass used to indicate this object will respond to rays cast by WMG_Raycaster
 CWMG_ReflectionStatic utility class for using C# reflection functions, used in WMG_Data_Source
 CWMG_Ring_GraphClass for creating ring graphs or pie graphs
 CWMG_SeriesUsed to display a series of data in WMG_Axis_Graph Charts
 CWMG_UtilStatic utility class for performing miscellaneous functions such as data generation functions